Mir Fontane Down By The River Video

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: Mir Fontane "Down By The River" Video
Jersey rapper Mir...

Mir Fontane's superb 2016 mixtape Who's Watching the Kids tells stories from his childhood and teenage years growing up amidst the violence of Camden, New Jersey. Fontane has allowed HNHH to premiere the music video for Kenif Muse-produced mixtape standout "Down By the River."

It's unclear which part of "Down By the River" is better -- the hook ("One, two, three, four, five mothers won't see their sons no more") or the verse, a gripping story of a friend who used to "bust traps at the Wawa" and ultimately met his tragic demise before he could retire from hustling. The 519 Media-directed video provides a visual perspective to this story.

Fontane is emerging as one of New Jersey's premiere rap talents. Watch "Down By The River" and follow him on SoundCloud.

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